So you’ve found out the gender of your baby and now can’t wait to share the news with your family and friends, or maybe it’s still a surprise for you and you want to be with your friends and family when you find out, either way we have the perfect gender reveal solution. At Phenomenal Fireworks, we provide impressive gender reveals for day and night. So whenever you are planning to celebrate, Phenomenal Fireworks have a solution.

Day Time Gender Reveal

We can provide a smoke reveal for you and your guests. These are a really exciting ways to find out the gender of your baby. They are specially designed to create a spectacular display bursting with colours of the appropriate gender. These smoke reveals are particularly suitable for daytime gender reveals. They don’t use light, it’s the coloured smoke you see at night they wouldn’t be appropriate. A daytime reveal might be more appropriate for you and your guests. It all depends on you and your guests and what you would prefer.

Night Time Gender Reveal

If you want a gender reveal at night, we have options for that too! As a firework company, we have a firework specifically for gender reveals. These displays feature traditional fireworks, with blue or pink colours used to indicate the baby’s gender. The dramatic effect of colourful explosions against a dark sky, creating a visually stunning display is a perfect way to reveal your baby’s gender.

Why Should I Have A Gender Reveal?

Gender reveals are a relatively new phenomenon in the UK. They began in the US and their popularity has since taken over the UK. The idea is quite simple, you get to tell your family and friends the gender of your baby with everyone finding out at the same time. Traditionally, the reveal is shown with corresponding blue or pink colours. These gender reveals are a great way to share exciting news with the people closest to you. Our smoke and firework reveals are especially exciting as they build anticipation amongst your guests. This creates an impactful event which you will cherish forever.

gender reveal cake

How it all works.

At Phenomenal Fireworks, we want to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for you. The steps you take are as follows;

We have displays to match your budget whatever your needs – from a range of preset professional packages through to top-class designer displays set to the music and colours of your choosing. For more information and advice, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team.