Low noise firework displays have become increasingly popular in recent years. These particular pyrotechnic displays have all the WOW factor of a regular display, without the level of noise they produce. They are designed to be less disruptive and as a result are the perfect choice for outdoor events or those in built up areas.


Why choose a low-noise display?

Wedding Fireworks

You may think, if I’m having fireworks for my event then why would I want them to be quiet? However, there are many reasons why low-noise is more appropriate and therefore a better choice. More and more wedding venues are only allowing low-noise firework displays. To keep the same impactful moment and provide entertainment for your guests, without compromising on your dream wedding venue, low noise displays are a great choice.

Even if your venue allows traditional fireworks, many people like the idea of quiet fireworks due to their lowered noise pollution. When less noise is being produced, the surrounding wild animals are left undisturbed. Animals are particularly sensitive to loud noises and firework displays can often disturb them and cause distress.

If your venue is in a built up area, setting off loud fireworks might not be the most thoughtful choice for the surrounding community. With our low-noise displays, you can enjoy the colour and sparkle of fireworks without causing any issues for residents nearby.

What fireworks are included in a low-noise display?

weddings firework display

In our low-noise displays, we provide a full firework experience of vivid colours and effects. We use a range of pyrotechnics such as:

  • Sparkling gerbs
  • Display candles
  • Waterfalls
  • Multi-shot barrages.

We can create a spectacular fireworks display, without the need for loud bangs and crashes

How do low-noise fireworks work?

It might seem like an impossible task to make a firework, something made to be loud, quiet but that’s not the case. For the traditional multi-shot barrages, a reduced amount of flash powder is used in the creation of the firework. This allows for the same magnificent display without the harsh bang.

As for the other types of fireworks used, these have been specifically selected as they ordinarily produce less noise but have lots of visual impact.

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Low-noise Wedding Firework Video Examples

Take a look at the examples underneath of low-noise wedding firework displays that we have created for others across the country and get in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you are wanting a stunning display for your wedding, party or event but are worried about traditional displays, contact us and we can provide the same impactful show with less sound to give you peace of mind.