Fireworks For Weddings & Civil Partnership Celebration Firework Displays

Wedding fireworks displays are now becoming increasingly popular and a must-have addition to any wedding celebration. Phenomenal Fireworks were one of the pioneers of wedding fireworks and have been offering our services in this field for many years. We have had the pleasure of providing the fireworks for many couples wanting to make their day special and finish with a bang.

Our expertise in the wedding fireworks area has become so highly recognized that many venues and party organisers recommend our fireworks for weddings service to their clients in the knowledge that they will be receiving excellent service and true value for money.

Low-Noise Displays

With more and more venues now asking for ‘low-noise firework displays’ we are pleased to say we can offer a wide range of low noise display options, which can either be with or without music.

Whatever your budget, we can create a unique, intense and spectacular display for you that will create an unforgettable fireworks display to celebrate your big day and also keep your venue happy!

Using our specialist low-noise fireworks such as gerbs, display candles, waterfalls and spectacular multi-shot barrages – we can create a spectacular fireworks display, without the need for loud bangs and crashes and filled with vivid colours and intense effects. Our low-noise firework displays really are something special.

We have low-noise firework displays starting from only £695 inc VAT.

Wedding Firework Examples

Wedding Fireworks – Example Pricing

Duration/Standard Minimum Recommended World Class
5 minutes £700 £1000 £1500+
7 minutes £900 £1400 £2100+
10 minutes £1200 £2000 £3000+
Per Minute £140 £200 £300+

All prices include VAT.

Every show staged is unique and will be crafted to your individual needs, and with fireworks for weddings starting from only £595 including all operator charges, Isn’t it time you thought of adding that touch of class to your wedding day? Feel free to read all of our testimonials.

From a simple salute to signal the departure of the bride & groom to a fully choreographed display fired to your favourite piece of music, you’re guaranteed a successful and impressive show. Click here to make an enquiry.

For more examples of our wedding fireworks, please visit our dedicated wedding firework display website.

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Whether its for you, a friend, family member or someone you know, adding fireworks to a wedding event can make the day feel even more magical.

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