Help With Our Services

Phenomenal Fireworks are a professional firework display company with a fantastic track record of client satisfaction. If you still can’t decide about our extensive range of firework displays then why not call us for advice or to discuss your firework requirements and if required we can supply you with contact details of previously satisfied clients.

Fully Inclusive Services

As a professional firework display company all of our displays include the following:
We offer free advice to anybody with an enquiry. Our offices are open during weekdays, evenings and weekends and we attempt to be contactable at any time for advice or to discuss your requirements.

Liaison with venue & authorities: We ensure authorisation is granted and all necessary parties are informed in the interest of reassuring you and your chosen venue. In every case we will contact the local police and fire brigade and if required even speak to the local council or air traffic control and arrange to stop or divert planes around your display!

Display site survey: For new venues we will use aerial photographs (Google Earth and Google Maps) and speak with the venue to establish a safe firing site and, where necessary we will perform a site survey.

Risk assessment: Every show we fire will have been risk assessed in a manor advised by the HSE to ensure any concerns are addressed.
Insurance cover: We carry annual insurance with a limit of indemnity for public liability of £5,000,000 and for product liability of £5,000,000 and employee liability £10,000,000. A grand total of £20,000,000

Planning of your show: Each and every show is planned individually (be-spoke to you) by our design teams who have years of experience producing a crowd-inspiring pyrotechnic display.

Transport costs: Thanks to our nationwide network of firers, all our prices include all travel costs.
Team to set up your display: Our show will include a fully trained and professional firing team. For safety reasons, its company policy is to send out at least two firers per show. We will setup and stay with the fireworks at all times.

Firing of your display: Our fireworks are waterproofed to help avoid cancellations due to anything other than a very serious downpour or sudden severe change of wind direction.
Cleaning of the firing site: We always do our best to clear debris and are invited back to many venues not only because of our shows but also because we respect their grounds.