Pyromusical Displays

Fireworks to Music and Musical Firework Displays – At Phenomenal Fireworks the design team can conjure up a dazzling display, whatever your needs! Just imagine fireworks dancing to the rhythm and beats of your favourite piece or pieces of music! With such a labour intense display and the immense amount of planning required, this is not something that can be done at the drop of a hat and as much notice as possible is preferred!

Musical Fireworks – Example Pricing

Duration/Standard Minimum Recommended World Class
5 minutes £1250 £1750 £3000+
10 minutes £2500 £3500 £6000+
15 minutes £3750 £5000 £9000+

All prices include VAT.

Musical firework displays are suitable for any event including weddings, birthdays, anniversary’s, corporate events, television events or high profile outdoor PR exercises we are happy to consider and work with any of your ideas no matter how crazy or outrageous, please get in touch to discuss.Corporate Fireworks – Add impact to your event and dazzle your audience with a display delivered with the utmost professionalism. Phenomenal Fireworks have provided spectacular corporate firework displays for some of the biggest names in British business.

Musical Firework Videos

All prices include a sound system suitable for up to 500 spectators

Music is the perfect compliment to fireworks, however, it is important that great care is taken to ensure the two-match at all times. Phenomenal Fireworks specialise in pyro-musical firework displays and not only were we one of the first UK firework display companies to use computerised firing systems to launch our fireworks, but we also use the only UK-manufactured digital firing system, FireByWire®.

All music displays are fired by computer using cutting-edge technology, this allows us split-second timing and complete control of fireworks no matter the site and ground layout. Music displays are harder to prepare and require significant design time to ensure the fireworks used are suitable – which obviously has an impact on the cost. You can either choose from the music we have done before or we can produce a display using your song or choice of music – a completely bespoke service.

For the bride and groom who want to go that extra mile, we provide displays that are choreographed to music. We have our own sound systems which are usually more than adequate; however for larger audience sizes please contact us to discuss.

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Whether its for you, a friend, family member or someone you know, adding musical fireworks to an event can make the day feel even more magical.

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