Firework displays are becoming increasingly popular and a must-have addition to any celebration, whether it be fireworks for weddings, gender reveals, birthdays, corporate events, a product launch or just for fun. Just like the type of event, each fireworks display has different qualities and needs. We have all the expertise and experience to provide advice and solutions for a firework display for your event.

fancy firework display

The Different Types Of Firework Displays

At Phenomenal Fireworks, we provide various types of displays. Every show staged is unique and will be crafted to your individual needs.

Low-Noise Firework Displays

If you’re thinking about having a display at your event but are concerned about the sound a traditional display produces, then our low-noise displays are the perfect solution. These particular pyrotechnic displays have all the WOW factor of a regular display, without the level of noise they produce. They are designed to be less disruptive and as a result, are the perfect choice for outdoor events or those in built-up areas.

Pyromusical Firework Displays

Pyromusical displays are specialist firework displays that feature and are in time to music. This could be your favourite song as a couple for your wedding or an exciting way to really wow guests at a corporate event. Musical firework displays are suitable for any event including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, television events or high-profile outdoor PR exercises. We are happy to consider and work with any of your ideas no matter how crazy or outrageous.

Musical Firework displays

Displays For Gender Reveals

Gender Reveal smoke displays

So you’ve found out the gender of your baby and now can’t wait to share the news with your family and friends, or maybe it’s still a surprise for you and you want to be with your friends and family when you find out, either way, we have the perfect gender reveal solution. At Phenomenal Fireworks, we provide impressive gender reveals for day and night. For night-time, we have our traditional firework displays which build up anticipation and then use blue or pink fireworks to indicate the baby’s gender. If you would prefer your reveal in the daytime then we have our smoke firework displays. Unlike traditional night-time fireworks, these displays use coloured smoke to indicate whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Pitch Pyro Displays

Another type of display that we provide is our pitch pyro packages. These displays are perfect for the build-up before a sporting event. We have provided this style of display for the Leigh Leopards at the Super League. Leigh Leopards are a professional rugby league team located in Leigh. Our custom pyro pitch display made for a great pre-match event for the Leigh Leopards team and their fans.
Our Pyro displays are ideal for any pre-match occasion, they add to match day and make it something you and the fans will never forget.

Fireworks pitch-side at Super League football match

We have displays to match your budget whatever your needs – from a range of preset professional packages through to top-class designer displays set to the music and colours of your choosing. For more information and advice, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team.